Mozambique is uniquely vulnerable to weather-related disasters, and the Government of Mozambique is partnering with international donors build resilience in a number of sectors.

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Mozambique is one of the most vulnerable countries in Africa to weather-related disasters. Its coastal cities are highly exposed to flooding and tropical storms that are expected to intensify as a result of climate change, and its southern regions experience recurrent droughts. The Government of Mozambique has taken a number of steps in the last two decades to improve resilience.

Complex Risk Environment

Mozambique is highly vulnerable to flooding, tropical storms, and droughts. The country experienced two deadly tropical cyclones in the first half of 2019 alone. Rapid urban population growth, poorly planned settlements, and lack of adequate housing make Mozambique’s coastal cities vulnerable to increasingly strong coastal storms. Natural disasters destroy classrooms, disrupting education; cause epidemics; and cost the country millions of dollars a year in economic losses.

Resilience Approach

The Government of Mozambique has taken a number of steps in the last two decades to improve resilience, including establishing a governance framework for national and local disaster risk reduction and empowering local governments and communities as disaster risk management champions. In partnership with international donors, it is also working to promote conservation agriculture, establish disaster management committees, improve water management infrastructure, and implement sustainable urban planning and improved building codes.

Opportunities for Strengthening Resilience

Projects are currently underway to improve water management infrastructure and build schools that meet resilience standards. Activities such as developing risk financing mechanisms; developing building codes and comprehensive land-use planning; integrating risk information in development and contingency plans; and strengthening early warning systems also aim to build resilience in Mozambique.

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