The Government of Nepal is prioritizing disaster preparedness to prepare for earthquakes and flooding, to which is it particularly vulnerable.

village in the mountains

Nepal is at extremely high risk for earthquakes and floods. Kathmandu Valley is the most at-risk seismic urban area in the world, and glacial melting from the Himalayas is creating new lakes and enlarging existing ones, increasing the risk of flooding. The Government of Nepal has taken steps in recent years to prioritize disaster preparedness by approving a National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management in 2009 and a Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium in 2011, which coordinated national and international partners to reduce disaster vulnerability.

Following the 2015 earthquake, it took further steps to centralize disaster recovery. Nepal is working to increase resilience to natural disaster by improving physical infrastructure and building safety; increasing government capacity to respond to disasters; building climate resilient infrastructure and flood risk management; and increasing local first responder capacity.

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