Tanzania’s reliance on rain-fed agriculture and Dar es Salaam’s location on the coast make it vulnerable to droughts and flooding. The Government of Tanzania is working with the public and private sector to improve resilience.

Tomato farmers in Tanzania

Tanzania is vulnerable to droughts and flooding, which are likely to intensify as a result of global climate change. Dar es Salaam, one of Africa’s fastest growing cities, sits on a flood-prone coastal area, and its informal settlements are particularly vulnerable to flooding. In addition, most Tanzanians rely on agriculture for their livelihoods, yet most agricultural activity is small-scale and rainfed, leaving it vulnerable to climate, weather, and pest-related shocks. The Government of Tanzania is working with local communities, the private sector, and international donors to restore vulnerable flood-prone areas of Dar es Salaam and protect them from future flooding, and to strengthen the agricultural sector through improved access to inputs, markets, training, and early warning systems.

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