Somalia Resilience Recurrent Monitoring Survey (RMS) Report

This report presents findings from a recurrent monitoring survey that was conducted during a time when Somalia was experiencing a severe drought. The report discusses several factors that helped household resilience during the drought, including informal social networks and access to information. It also lays out several programmatic recommendations for how resilience programming could be more effective, given the complex and shifting array of shocks to which Somalia is vulnerable. 

The study area includes communities served by three projects under the EREGS program:

  1. Somalia Towards Reaching Resilience (STORRE), implemented by CARE;
  2. Program to Enhance Resilience in Somalia (PROGRESS), implemented by Catholic Relief Services; and
  3. Resilience and Economic Activity project in Luuq (REAL), implemented by World Vision.
Organizational Author: TANGO International under the Resilience Evaluation, Analysis and Learning Award
Martin, S.
Somalia Resilience Recurrent Monitoring Survey (RMS) Report

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