Bangladesh Resilience Research Report - Final

The objective of this research is to provide implementing partners, Food for Peace (FFP) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with insights into factors that strengthen household and community resilience in Bangladesh. This report complements the Baseline Study implemented by ICF International in Fiscal Year 2016. The research examines factors, in the context of resilience and mitigation of the negative effects of shocks and stresses on well-being, which can serve as the foundation for an evidence base for improving resilience programming in the SHOUHARDO3, Nobo Jatra, and SAPLING program areas.

Organizational Authors: TANGO International, CARE International,
Helen Keller International
World Vision International under the Resilience Evaluation, Analysis and Learning Award
Authors: Brown, V.
Evidence and Analysis
Shocks and Stresses Mitigation, Well being outcomes, Resilience Evidence, Bangladesh, Evidence and Analysis
Bangladesh Resilience Research Report

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