Latin America and the Caribbean

Political and economic instability exacerbate regional vulnerabilities to natural disasters in the LAC region, but national governments and international donors are working to improve disaster preparedness, livelihoods, and urban development.

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Latin America and the Caribbean experience frequent natural disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and floods. Political and economic instability often hinder efforts to increase disaster preparedness and response and amplify the effects of these disasters. Strengthening resilience in this region requires urban infrastructure improvements, increased agricultural productivity and access to markets, improved access to livelihood opportunities, and better natural resource and watershed management. Some national governments, such as the Governments of Honduras and Guatemala, have made national capacity building for disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation a priority, and are investing in risk reduction, land use planning, and sustainable urban development. International donors are helping reduce chronic malnutrition and improve food security through agriculture, nutrition, and health programs, and are working to create economic opportunities and improve natural resource management.


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