Find training, best practices and guidance on how to apply resilience thinking in your work, as well as evidence and analysis from the development community.

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Explore opportunities to integrate resilience into practices, such as CLA and monitoring and evaluation, to improve development effectiveness and outcomes.

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Technical Guidance

Synthesis of Evidence from Resilience Programming – Interactive Dashboard

01 Nov 2022
REAL Award , Institute for Development Impact (I4DI)

Explore REAL's practical insights into the role of strengthened resilience capacities in protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable populations.

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Technical Guidance

Risk-Informed Education Programming for Resilience Guidance Note

01 May 2019

This United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) guidance note outlines the Child-Centered Risk-Informed Education Programming Process, as well as tools and strategies for implementation.

Fundamentals of Resilience

Fundamentals of Resilience

Dig into the basics of resilience and understand how it relates to your work. Find new approaches to incorporate resilience in your programs

Insights from the Field

Get insights about how resilience works through USAID projects and from the larger development community. These and other resources can help you understand opportunities for resilience in your area of expertise.

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