Climate Change Adaptation

Helping countries and communities predict and prepare for climate shocks and stresses can minimize losses, reduce vulnerabilities, and build adaptive capacities to respond to these impacts, while safeguarding development gains. 

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Climate-related shocks and stressors are increasing in frequency and intensity around the globe, acting as a threat multiplier. Recurrent droughts, changing precipitation patterns, rising temperatures and sea levels, and more intense storms can create new risks and exacerbate existing social, economic and environmental pressures like urbanization, land use change, and environmental degradation. Weather and climate can have profound impacts across sectors and undermine current and future progress towards development goals, such as food and water security, improved health, biodiversity, and economic growth.

Climate adaptation efforts can support resilience-building by anticipating and preparing for, both the current and projected changes in weather and climate. Climate adaptation enables people, communities and systems to better manage climate and disaster risk, helping efforts to reduce poverty and foster inclusive growth.


Addressing these challenges for more effective resilience programming through adaptation efforts requires: 

  • Adding a climate-lens to development efforts, by improving the availability, quality and use of weather and climate information available to decision-makers in support of early action
  • Mainstreaming adaptation measures into governance, planning and budgeting so resilience can be increased democratically and equitably
  • Piloting and disseminating risk-reducing management practices for climate-sensitive sectors like agriculture, health, and water
  • Mobilizing finance for adaptation measures from multiple sources

Climate variability and change is a critical risk across the areas where we work.  USAID supports countries and communities to build their capacity to anticipate and prepare for current and projected changes in weather and climate patterns.

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