The Government of Senegal and international donors are focusing on strengthening the agriculture sector to build resilience to coastal erosion, droughts, floods, and pest invasions.

woman carrying sac of food

Senegal is vulnerable to several natural hazards, particularly coastal erosion, droughts, floods, and locust invasions. The Government of Senegal is committed to growth through investment in the agriculture sector, which forms the basis of the country’s economy. The Government of Senegal’s growing investment in agriculture (more than 10 percent of GDP per year) has opened the door for stronger, more resilient food security.

However, agricultural productivity has faced a slowdown recently, mainly as a result of climate shocks such as rainfall and drought, lack of access to irrigation, and price volatility. International donor investments are focused on providing farmers, herders, and fishers with access to climate information services that help them make informed decisions in the face of droughts, storms, and other potential shocks.

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